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Topamax is the name brand of Topiramate, an anticonvulsant and nerve pain medication used to treat and prevent epileptic seizures. It’s also used to prevent migraines and reduce the frequency that you get them. Topamax doesn’t treat migraine symptoms, but it can reduce or stop them from happening. Here at Nurx™, we offer the generic version, Topiramate, which is also the active ingredient. We offer the same dosages of Topiramate that you would find in Topamax.

The way that Topamax works to prevent or reduce the frequency of your migraines are still largely unknown, but doctors believe that it targets overactive nerves in the brain that can lead to migraines. Topiramate is the only migraine prevention medication approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for teen use.

Additional Details

  • Anticonvulsant
  • Migraine prevention
  • Migraine relief
  • Reduces aura
  • Reduces migraine symptoms
  • Nerve pain reducer
Active Ingredients
  • Topiramate
  • Do not take if you have chronic kidney disease.
  • Do not take if you have hyperammonemia.
  • Do not take if you have arginase deficiency.
  • Ask a doctor before taking if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • Do not take Topamax or its generics with alcohol.





  • How Do I Use Topamax?

    Topamax comes as either an oral tablet or an oral capsule, and you take it every day to prevent migraines. You may start to see results from Topamax soon after you start taking it. However, it can take several months for Topamax to decrease the number of migraines you suffer from. That's because it can take some time to build up in your bloodstream before it's effective.

    When you begin taking Topiramate, you start with a low daily dose, then slowly work your way up to a dose that's right for your system. We'll be there every step of the way to make sure you're taking the right dosage.

  • How Do I Get Topamax?

    Topamax is only available through a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional. We at Nurx help make this process easy through our telehealth services. When you sign up for our services, you'll complete a health assessment, then one of our healthcare providers will develop a treatment plan. They can write a prescription for Topiramate, which we can send straight to your door in discreet packaging.

    Here at Nurx, we provide you with safe and secure healthcare support and adhere to HIPAA privacy and confidentiality rights. Additionally, many insurance plans cover Topiramate. We also partner with many insurance providers, and we're always expanding our list to better serve you!

  • What Are Some Precautions I Should Take Before Taking Topamax?

    Whether you have heightened sensitivity or headaches caused by too much screen use, or you suffer from frequent migraines within a month-long period, consider speaking with your primary care provider to see of Topamax is right for you. Additionally, ask your doctor if Topamax is right for you if you suffer from chronic kidney disease, hyperammonemia, or arginase deficiency. Also speak with your doctor about taking Topamax if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or nursing.

  • Are There Any Known Side Effects of Topamax?

    Since Topamax can be used to treat other conditions aside from debilitating migraines, there may be some common, yet rare, side effects when you take it for migraine prevention. Several common, but mild, side effects include fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, reduced coordination, and weight loss. Since Topamax can have a mild drowsy effect, we recommend that you avoid operating machinery and driving right after taking your medication.

    While serious side effects are rare, contact your healthcare provider if you notice side effects such as mood swings, behavior changes, eye problems, or decreased sweating. Also speak with your healthcare provider if you experience any other mild allergic reactions such as rash, itchy skin, blisters, hives, or swelling.

  • Can I Continue Taking My Other Medications While I'm Taking Topamax?

    Talk with your doctor about any medications, vitamins, or herbal supplements you're currently taking. While not all medications or supplements have interactions with Topamax, some could cause reactions.

    Severe interactions between Topamax and select anticonvulsants, barbiturates, contraceptives, and carbonic anhydrase inhibitors may occur. Milder interactions, while rare, are also important to discuss with your doctor, especially for medications and supplements such as hydrochlorothiazide, sodium channel blockers, potassium channel blockers, or valproic acid derivatives.

  • How do I get a prescription for Topamax through Nurx?

    Start by signing up with us here at Nurx and taking our medical assessment. Your answers will help our healthcare providers evaluate your conditions and personalize a treatment plan that's best for you. We offer generic brands to some of the most well-known migraine medications, and we'll help you every step of the way when you use our telehealth services. If there's a medicine that you know works well for you, let us know so we can help you get what you need!

  • Can I Buy This Drug Online Through Nurx?

    While Topamax is a brand-name drug to prevent migraines, we usually prescribe the generic Topiramate. This medication is just as effective as the name brand Topamax, but for a lower price. When you choose our telehealth services, you can receive your medication in as little as three to five business days after completing your prescription request. For faster service, be sure to have all of the required information our medical team needs to form the best treatment plan for you.

  • Who Makes Topamax?

    Topamax was patented and is made by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Janssen Pharmaceuticals focuses on innovative and therapeutic approaches for cardiovascular, metabolism, immunology, neuroscience, infectious diseases, vaccines, pulmonary hypertension, and oncology conditions. The company is located in Titusville, New Jersey, and is headed by Dr. Paul Janssen.

  • What Should I Do if I Forget to Take a Dose?

    If you forget your regular dose of Topamax or Topiramate, take it as soon as you remember, or as soon as possible. If you're six hours away from taking your next dose, don't double up to make up for the missed dose. Just return to your regular schedule. Don't take a double dose of your medication to make up for missed doses at any point. If you miss more than one dose, call your healthcare provider for more information.

  • Does Topamax Help With Anxiety and Depression?

    Topamax can be used to treat other disorders, including bipolar disorder. Because of this, studies have shown that Topamax can help improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Also, it can help reduce manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder. Talk with your healthcare provider about using Topamax for anxiety or other disorders.

  • Can Topamax Help Improve My Mood?

    Topamax is known to help balance mood swings associated with severe depression or bipolar disorder. While Topamax may not be prescribed specifically as an antidepressant, it may be prescribed along with other mood stabilizers for added efficacy.

  • Will I Lose Weight While Taking Topamax?

    Weight loss is a common, yet mild, side effect of Topamax. In fact, doctors have prescribed Topamax to help patients curb food cravings. This is because it's believed that the properties that help Topamax control migraines and seizures also help inhibit the activities in the brain that can cause food cravings.

  • Will Topamax Help to Boost My Energy Levels?

    Topamax can actually cause mild drowsiness, however, your current energy levels can help contribute to that. While some patients may have a boost in energy levels, it's more common that Topamax balances these energy levels.

  • Will It Help Me Sleep?

    Topamax can cause drowsiness and sleepiness, and for this reason, it has been shown to help some patients fall asleep faster and stay asleep. However, the way Topamax works is different for each individual, so we don't recommend relying on it for sleeping disorders or as a sleep aid without discussing it with your primary care physician first.

  • Should I Take It in the Morning or at Night?

    Since Topamax can have a tiring effect and make you drowsy, we recommend taking your once-a-day dose at night before bedtime. This way, you can avoid the rare instance that you might become dizzy or drowsy after taking it.

  • How Does Nurx Work?

    Nurx is a telehealth platform offering easy online access to doctors and seamless delivery of medications. No more time-consuming trips to the clinic and no more frantic pharmacy runs. We put you in control of your own health, empowering you to get the care you need when you need it. From diagnosis to delivery of prescriptions, we make every part of getting healthy and staying healthy, better.For more information and to signup, visit and follow us @nurxapp on Twitter and Instagram.  

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