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How much does herpes treatment cost through Nurx?

Medical consultation:
After you answer questions about your health you pay $30 for a medical consultation, during which a member of our healthcare team reviews your health profile and (if appropriate) writes you a prescription. The price of the medical consultation includes unlimited follow-up with the Nurx provider team for a year, so you can ask questions about herpes or your prescription.

If you pay with insurance:
We will bill your insurance directly for your medication and the price you pay will depend on the specifics of your plan. Because valacyclovir is a generic medication your copay (if you have one) should be quite affordable.

If you do not pay with insurance:
When you pay directly for the medication it costs $45 for a 3-month supply of outbreak treatment (meaning you only take the medication when you experience an outbreak or feel one coming on). It costs $75 for a 3-month supply of preventive therapy (meaning that you take a pill every day to prevent outbreaks*). If you have both oral and genital herpes and need outbreak treatment the price will be $60 for a 3-month supply.

Get Herpes Treatment At Home

Nurx offers prescription cold sore and genital herpes treatment for as little as $0 with insurance or $15 per month without insurance.

Shipping is always free.

To request herpes treatment from Nurx, get started here.


*A Nurx medical provider may prescribe valacyclovir with instructions to take it every day to prevent oral herpes outbreaks. This is called “suppressive” treatment and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved valacyclovir as a suppressive treatment for oral herpes, which means this is an “off label” use of the medication. It is legal and not uncommon for physicians to prescribe FDA-approved medications for off-label uses if they conclude that it is the ideal course of treatment for their patients. Please message your Nurx provider if you have questions about taking valacyclovir daily for oral herpes prevention.

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