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What lab work do I need to do in order to get PrEP?

Before you can start PrEP, you will need to complete lab work. After you get started on PrEP, you will only need to get your labs done every 3 months. We know getting labs done isn’t the most enjoyable process, but it’s important to know your status and it will help keep you and your partner(s) healthy. We even offer lab work options that can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home and offer optional testing for STIs.

You will be tested for:

Kidney function (creatinine)
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis (optional, but we highly recommend this)
Pregnancy (for female-bodied patients)

Get PrEP for HIV Prevention At Home

Nurx offers PrEP for HIV prevention for as little as $0 with insurance for medication.

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