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What is generic Truvada?

A generic version of the PrEP medication Truvada was released in September 2020. 

You should know that in order for a generic substitution to be made for a branded medication, the generic medication must be proven by the FDA to have the same active ingredient, dosage form, strength, and conditions of use as the name-brand drug. The generic version of Truvada is bioequivalent, meaning it has the same effects in the body and works every bit as well. 

What Current Nurx Patients Should Know

If you are currently on Truvada, your insurance plan may require you to switch from Truvada to the generic version.  If you are a current Nurx PrEP patient, we don’t want you to be surprised if at some point you receive the generic version of your medication. The Gilead Copay Card will not apply to any copays you might have for the generic, but will stay work for branded Truvada. If you do have a copay, we will let you know how much it is as soon as the pharmacy runs your claim, and we will ask for your authorization before charging you anything. 

Get PrEP for HIV Prevention At Home

Nurx offers PrEP for HIV prevention for as little as $0 with insurance for medication.

If you are currently on Descovy:

If you do not have a prior authorization on file with your insurer, then your insurance company may require you to switch to the generic version of Truvada. If that is the case we will let you know once we’ve tried filling your next prescription, and if there is a medical reason you must stay on Descovy we will let your insurance company know. If you already have a prior authorization on file, it should still apply. 

If you are uninsured:

If you are uninsured and participate in the Gilead Advancing Access program, your refills should be processed as normal. 

Please let us know any questions by sending a message through your Nurx account.

Nurx prescribes generic PrEP unless you have a medical reason why you must take Truvada.

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