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Ashlyna is a daily birth control pill that follows a three month (90-day cycle). This is different from most birth control pills, which only follow a monthly flow. With Ashlyna, instead of taking seven inactive pills after 21 days of active pills (so you have a normal period), you will take 84 days of pills followed by seven days of sugar pills. This makes your period seasonal, something that only happens once every three months, rather than a monthly occurrence.

Ashlyna is an ideal birth control option for women who suffer from PMDD or who have excessively heavy and severe periods. Many women take this pill as a way to control their periods along with pregnancy prevention.

Our team at Nurx™ can prescribe Ashlyna at special request, or can offer the generic equivalent Amethia for as low as $0 with insurance or as little as $45 without insurance.

Additional Details

  • Fewer periods
  • Lighter periods
  • Daily pill
  • Birth control
  • Lighter cramps
  • Pregnancy prevention
  • 90-day cycle
  • 84 active + 7 inactive
Active Ingredients
  • Ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel
  • Not for women over 35 who smoke
  • May be less effective for women who are overweight
  • Not for women who are pregnant
  • Not for women who are breastfeeding
  • May increase the chances of stroke
  • May increase the chances of a heart attack





  • How Does Ashlyna Work?

    Ashlyna uses two hormones, a progestin and an estrogen, in order to regulate your period and prevent pregnancy. These hormones work in three ways: they create a thicker cervical mucus that will block sperm, they prevent ovulation so there are few opportunities for an egg to get fertilized, and they create a lighter uterine lining. It's this last feature that least to fewer, lighter periods.

    When the uterine lining is lighter, there is less to shed. This makes cramps less painful and shortens the length of the period. With Ashlyna, the body only sheds the uterine lining once every three months, instead of monthly, limiting your discomfort.

    Ashlyna is most effective when it is taken at the same time daily. While most birth control users might have followed the 21 days on/seven days off model with their other pills, Ashlyna users need to pay close attention to the 84 days on process. This increases the effectiveness of the pills, improving periods while decreasing the chances of pregnancy.

  • Where Is Ashlyna Available?

    Ashlyna is available in pharmacies across the United States. Most people will be able to pick up their prescriptions at a local pharmacy after they have consulted with their doctors. Ashlyna is not an over-the-counter drug. You need a doctor's prescription in order to take it.

    Most healthcare providers should cover the cost of Ashlyna, making it an affordable birth control option. Even without health insurance, Ashlyna may be more affordable because it is a generic pill. At Nurx, we try to make birth control as affordable as possible and offer transparency for our prices. This makes it easier for you to find the right birth control pills for your needs.

  • Precautions When Taking Ashlyna

    Let your doctor know if you have any allergies before you start on Ashlyna. This can prevent severe reactions and ensure that Ashlyna is the best birth control option for your needs.

    Also, tell your doctor about any medications that you are currently taking. The active ingredients in some medications may cancel out the benefits of Ashlyna, or Ashlyna could impact your other medications. Maintaining an open chain of communication with your doctor about your health can ensure that you take the best medications available to you.

  • Side Efects of Ashlyna

    Every woman is different and experiences birth control in different ways. However, there are a few common side effects when taking Ashlyna that you may notice. These include breast tenderness, bloating, vaginal bleeding or spotting between periods, headaches, nausea, swelling of the feet or ankles, and changes in diet or weight. These symptoms are typically scattered and mild, and some may even fade within a few months as your body gets used to Ashlyna.

    While uncommon, there are a few severe side effects of Ashlyna to be aware of. Stop taking Ashlyna and seek immediate medical attention if you experience blood clots, a rapid heart rate, chest or jaw pain, confusion, dizziness, shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain, sudden heavy bleeding, or yellowing of the skin and eyes. Tell your doctor that you are taking Ashlyna so they can be aware of any potential issues.

  • Important Information When Taking Ashlyna

    Ashlyna is most effective when it is taken every day at the same time. If you miss your designated time to take Ashlyna, take the pill as soon as you remember. If you skip a day of Ashlyna, then take two pills to make up for it.

    Missing pills while on Ashlyna can increase your chances of getting pregnant. If you miss a day of Ashlyna, use back-up birth control (like condoms) when you have sex in order to decrease your chances of getting pregnant. When used correctly, Ashlyna has a 90% effectiveness rate of preventing pregnancy, but that rate decreases if you are unable to follow your pill schedule.

    In the event that you do take Ashlyna and then vomit or experience diarrhea, the pill may not be effective on that day. If nausea persists while taking Ashlyna, try taking the medication with food or at night before you go to bed.

    If you miss Ashlyna for more than two days and have unprotected sex, then you are at risk of getting pregnant. Stop taking Ashlyna if you do become pregnant.

  • Is There a Generic Version of Ashlyna?

    Ashlyna is the generic alternative to the brand Seasonique. The name Seasonique comes from the idea that women who choose this birth control option only get a period once every three months (or seasonally) rather than monthly. Seasonique is distributed by Duramed Pharmaceuticals, which operates under Teva Pharmaceuticals.

  • Who Makes This Drug?

    Ashlyna is a production of Glenmark Generics, a division of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Ashlyna as a generic alternative to Seasonique in 2015 and it has remained on the market since then.

  • Can I Buy This Drug Online Through Nurx?

    While our team at Nurx offers Ashlyna at special request, we also offer Amethia, which is the same generic option of Seasonique. Both medications use the same active ingredients and will likely interact with your body in the same way. You can order Amethia directly online through Nurx and have it shipped to your home within a few days.

  • How Do I Get a Prescription for Ashlyna Through Nurx?

    Nurx believes in changing healthcare to provide reproductive health services for those who need it. You can review our brands at Nurx, to learn about the generic forms of Seasonique on the market and their alternatives. Then, once you're ready, request your prescription by answering a few health questions online. Our doctors will review your request and write a prescription for your needs.

    The rest is easy – your birth control will be delivered quickly in discreet, unbranded packaging and you can apply for automatic refills so you never have to worry about running out.

  • How Long Would It Take to Deliver This Drug If I Bought It Online?

    Once you request a prescription for Ashlyna or its alternative, Amethia, one of our Nurx pharmacies will ship your prescription within 72 hours. With USPS priority shipping, it typically takes one to three days to ship. This means that it typically takes between three to five business days to receive your birth control pills. We also offer expedited delivery services in some cases.

  • Does Ashlyna Cause Depression?

    Everyone reacts to new medication and hormones differently. While some people may only notice minor changes in their mood as a result of taking Ashlyna, some people may experience more severe mood swings and depression. If you experience moodiness and depression while on Ashlyna, stop taking it and switch to back up birth control instead.

  • Does Ashlyna Cause Weight Gain?

    There is no proven correlation between birth control pills and weight gain. While some women may notice that they gained a few pounds shortly after they started Ashlyna, this gain is typically nominal and may go away after a short period of time. If you find that you are gaining weight shortly after you started taking Ashlyna, talk to your doctor about these changes.

  • Does Ashlyna Stop Periods?

    Ashlyna may stop your period for up to 90 days at a time as long as you are on the pill. This is expected. This brand was developed to help women with PMDD and those who have severe periods. Most women will only get a period once every three months while on Ashlyna. When they do get their periods, they should be lighter and more regular.

  • How Does Nurx Work?

    Nurx is a free platform offering easy online access to doctors and seamless delivery of medications. No more time-consuming trips to the clinic and no more frantic pharmacy runs. We put you in control of your own health, empowering you to get the care you need, when you need it. From diagnosis to delivery of prescriptions, we make every part of getting healthy and staying healthy, better.

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