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What does it mean if Molecular Testing Labs is out-of-network with my insurance plan?

If Molecular Testing Labs is not in-network (in-network information can be found HERE) with your insurance – we have a negotiated rate of $99 for the STI and PrEP Home Test Kits and the lab work and $45 for HPV Home Test Kits and lab work – which will be billed directly from MTL in addition to the price you pay at checkout for the medical consult and shipping of the test kit.

You will likely receive an Explanation of Benefits or Claims Summary from your insurance company. Please know that THIS IS NOT A BILL, and do not be alarmed by language such as “You may owe.” The only bill you receive will come directly in the mail from Molecular Testing Labs.

Cigna, Aetna, and United Healthcare are three common plans for which Molecular Testing Labs is out-of-network.

If you would like to order a home test kit from Nurx, get started here.

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