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What insurance plans are in-network with Molecular Testing Labs?

Molecular Testings Labs is in-network with the following insurance plans:

  • BlueCross BlueShield originating in the following states: AL, AZ, CA, ID, IL, IA, LA, MD, MI, OR, SD, TX, UT, VA, WA, and WY (please refer to this link and enter your 3 letter prefix to find the state for your plan: https://www.bcbs.com/member-services)
  • Arise Health Plan, Aspirus Health Plan by First Health, MP Arizona BCBS Neighborhood HMO, MCS Alabama BCBS Medicare Supplement, Breckpoint Pro+ by First Health, Benefit Support by First Health, Coventry Health Care of Nevada, Coventry Missouri Dept of Transport, Group Resources by First Health Network, Gulf Guaranty Employee Benefit by MedPlus, Health Net Stanford Vaden Students EPO, The Health Plan by First Health, HealthScope Bens by First Health, HealthSmart ISO by First Health, The Kempton Group by First Health, LewerMark Student Ins by First Health, Medova Healthcare by IPN, Mutual Health Services by First Health, Mayo Med Plan by Medica-First Health, Moda Health, MP Wisconsin Molina Healthcare, Motiv Health by First Health, MP Alabama Ambetter, MP Indiana Ambetter by MHS, MP Illinois Ambetter by Celtic HMO, MP Kansas Ambetter, MP Nebraska Ambetter by Total Care, Parkview Signature Group EPO, Samaritan Health PPO, Sisco by First Health Network, Taylor Benefit Resource PPO, MP Texas Ambetter by Superior Health, MP Texas Ambetter by Superior Health, MP Wisconsin Together with CCHP, TRICARE EAST – HUMANA WPS, TRICARE WEST – HEALTH NET HNFS, Travelers Student Hlth by First Health, T.W. Lord Associates by First Health, UC Health by Cofinity, UCS Cement Masons by First Health, Unicare State Indemnity Plan, United Healthshare Ministries, VA TriWest- Region 3, VA TriWest- Region 4, VA TriWest- Region 5A, VA TriWest- Region 5B, VA TriWest- Region 6, WellFleet Group, LLC by FirstHealth, WPS Health Insurance

If your insurance was not listed, please CLICK HERE for out-of-network information. If you would like to order a home test kit from Nurx, get started here.

You should find out if you have a deductible, co-insurance, or copay associated with your insurance plan. You’ll want to ask:

  1. Is Molecular Testing Labs covered?
  2. Do I have a deductible for lab testing?
  3. Do I have a copay or co-insurance associated with my insurance plan?
  4. If they ask these are the lab testing that will be ordered please refer to the following chart for what is included in the testing kit



Infection PrEP (comp) PrEP (basic)   HPV STI (Full Control) STI (Healthy Woman) STI (Basics Covered)
Chlamydia (Site: Genital) X X X X
Chlamydia (Site: Throat) X X X
Chlamydia (Site: Rectal) X X
Gonorrhea (Site: Genital) X X X X
Gonorrhea (Site: Throat) X X X
Gonorrhea (Site: Rectal) X X
Trichomoniasis X
Syphilis X X X X
Hep C X
Hep B X X
Creatine X X
High-Risk HPV (16, 18) X



It is important to note that if you have an STI or PrEP test kit and have not yet met your deductible, you may be billed for the expected allowable for your insurance plan – which is usually around $200-$300. If you have an HPV kit, you may be billed $60-80 as an expected allowable. Once your deductible has been met only standard copays will apply. Please also know that Molecular Testing Labs has a generous financial aid plan. If you end up needing assistance after your insurance has been billed, please reach out to them at (855) 685-5227 to apply.

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