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Is the consultation fee the same for all of your health care services?

The cost of an online medical consultation varies by service line. For birth control, an online consultation with a Nurx provider is $20. For emergency contraception, and home testing for HPV and STIs, the online consultation is $15. For PrEP, the online consultation is $25. For anti-aging treatment, the online consultation is $30. For UTI treatment, the online consultation is $65. For yeast infection treatment and bacterial vaginosis treatment the initial consultation is $65. For migraine treatment the initial consultation is $60. For melasma treatment, the online consultation is $40. For eyelash serum, the online consultation is $40. For acne treatment the initial consultation is $40, and for rosacea treatment the initial consultation is $40. For women’s hair loss and scalp treatment, the online consultation is $80. For mental health treatment the cost is $65 for the initial consultation and $55 per month for ongoing medication management. Migraine and acne treatments cost more because these services include scheduled follow-ups with a medical provider to review how treatment is working and adjust the treatment plan as needed. The monthly cost of our mental health service includes your evaluation by a specially trained Nurx medical provider licensed in your state, a personalized treatment plan, and regular check-ins with your medical provider. The price of the medical consult for all service lines includes unlimited messaging with our medical team about your prescription or home test kit, until renewal (if applicable). 

The price of our medical consultation is similar to or more affordable than that of other digital healthcare companies, and the consultation fee offered by our affiliated professionals is less than most co-pays in a traditional clinic setting. If you would like to order a prescription or home test kit from Nurx, get started here.

Please note that at this time, we do not submit claims to insurance for the medical consult fee. We also do not offer refunds for the consultation if we can’t approve your request for a prescription or home testing kit.

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