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How much is the processing fee for herpes medication?

If prescribed, valacyclovir will be sent every 3 months with free shipping. If you pay with insurance and your plan limits you to a 1-month supply of medication at a time, we charge your credit card on file $5 per month for processing your monthly delivery. This fee isn’t covered by insurance, and all patients agree to it prior to submitting their health survey. To avoid this fee moving forward, you can call your prescription insurance company and request approval to have a 3-month supply of medication sent to you at a time. Or, you can let us know that you’d like to switch to paying cash for a 3-month supply, and not use your insurance plan for this medication. You can find more information about your delivery schedule by logging in to your Nurx account on our app or website.

Get Herpes Treatment At Home

Nurx offers prescription cold sore and genital herpes treatment for as little as $0 with insurance or $15 per month without insurance.

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